Weight Loss Coventry

The older you get, the harder it feels to lose weight. It’s no surprise that many women still turn to programmes such as Weight Watchers Coventry and Slimming World Coventry in the hope of a quick fix. But do these results ever last? Can you really understand what your body needs in simplified points and syns? If you’re a woman aged 40-60 in the Coventry area, New Body Training are the weight loss Coventry specialists you’re looking for.

Slimming World Coventry & Weight Watchers Coventry Alternative

Brands like Weight Watchers Coventry and Slimming World Coventry are so well known in the UK they’ve gained the reputation of being the trusted go to brands if you’re looking to lose weight. If you’ve never used them yourself, we all know someone who’s subscribed for a season of the dreaded weekly weigh-in. This approach can work for a handful of people losing weight but many of their clients are unsuccessful, beating themselves up for not doing as well as they’d hoped.

Those who do lose weight, more often than not put everything back on when the course is over and they slip back into old habits. Often people go to lose weight with an end date in sight, like getting that bikini body or fitting into that dress. When the goal is so focused on weight loss, like it is in Weight Watchers Coventry and Slimming World Coventry groups, what happens when the goal is achieved? When the dress has been worn and the bikini’s tucked away for another year it can be hard to stay focused on points when your primary goal was weight loss and physical appearance.

Our approach to weight loss

The difference with New Body Training is fitness and health is at it’s core. And if you’re looking after your body in a balanced way, weight loss is a sure side effect. We know food isn’t really measured in points and syns but by calories and nutrients. When we see a snack or meal as full of ‘syns’ it almost makes it harder to resist, like a naughty treat. On the New Body Training course we bring food back to basics.

When you start the 12 week training programme with New Body Weight Loss Coventry you gain access to our exclusive members area. Not only can you track your progress and log your food diary, but our nutrition modules aim to educate you about the fuel you put into your body.

Knowledge is power. By the end of the course you’ll know why foods are good or bad for you beyond how many ‘syns’ they contain. Making the connection of why we should eat healthy food beyond our physical appearance means we’re more likely to change our lifestyle for the better and say goodbye to crash diets.


Apply now for a free consultation to find out how we can cater a weight loss plan to suit you and your dietary requirements. Break free from your weight-watching rut today.